September 7, 2010

coasting right on through

where the heck did summer ever go? It didn't even feel like i had one. Well i really didn't, so i guess that answers it's self. The weather this past week has been wicked hot and put a major damper on my easy week, made it feel much like a hard week of training.

Finally got moved into my new apartment for the school year and its just a sweet set up. Living in a camper for the whole summer put things in perspective and now when i see the stove i feel so thankful for it. I just have to cook each and every night on it. Brittany cooked a spaghetti lasagna the first night at the house and it was so good. All i have to say it's so much better then eating on campus, quieter, and much for roomy.

As for running like i said the heat caused a major blow to it the past week. I only got in about 30 miles, which should have been a nice recovery week, but it didn't turn into that. Each day with the temps in the 90's and wicked bad humidity, my legs, lungs and body didn't want to move, plus not sleeping well that week made it hard to get going sometimes too. By the end of the week it started to cool, and with a little nagging hurricane coming up the coast, rain and cooler temps moved in.

This coming week will be a big turnaround. For one i got a new pair of shoes, which is always fun. These aren't just my normal asics, i went with some nike's. (I'll delve more into my adventures with them later this week. Secondly i'm more settled into school routine now so i can regularly get out and run.

Fundraising hasn't had much change at all this past couple of weeks. Still sitting at 77%, but its closer to where i though i might be. It's comforting to know that so many people care about something that can make a difference. Please check out my fundraising page and keep following me here!

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