September 10, 2010

My final "tough" workout and 36 days to go!

From here on out it starts to get a little easier. The pace, well i'm going to pick it up since my tempo distances are getting shorter, but last night i finished 4x1600 on the track wit 800 recovery. Boy did it feel good!

My plan said to do a 3 mile warm up and 3 mile cool down, but after school till 12, work till 5 and not getting to the track till 6 i thought it was in my best interests to just relax a little and slow the cool down and shorten it a bit.

The workout:
2 mile warmup
4x1600 with 800 recovery (5:27, 5:34, 5:33, 5:32)
3 mile cool down
Total: 11 miles

To say the least i was very pleased with the workout and generally excited about it. Today as i type this my legs are a little soar,and tired, so ill be taking today easy with probably 7ish miles. Flag football was going on in the infield and there was a group of older people, mid 40-60's? doing some 600 repeats. There were moving and it was motivating not to be alone for the whole workout. On a plus note as well the weather was cool like 65 cool and damp. So i was able to stay comfortable through the whole thing.

Last time i mentioned i had gotten some new shoes. Lunar Fly's + to be exact. I have to say last time i tired Nike i found them very uncomfortable, but these seem to be pretty nice. There are very lightweight, which i enjoy very much and the overall shoe it quite "cushiony". I think i might still stick with my ASICS DS trainer series though, but these could turn into my tempo/workout/racing shoes.

So far nothing much has changed with fundraising. I would like to spread the word a bit more and get that final push in. I am 77% of the way there so i'm not far from reaching my goal! All it takes is a small donation from a few people and i'm there. Please help spread the word if your reading this! Give people a link via email, facebook, and twitter to my blog and to my fundraising page! Thanks!

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