September 28, 2010

Another 20 In the books and now its Taper Madness Time

What an amazing 20 miler. I was in Rockland so i needed to come up with some route that would have hills and flat in it. Woke up about 7am and got out the door by 8am. Just had a couple of slices of toast with brown sugar on top and plenty of water. It was a balmy 55ish out! I immediately thought it was perfect for a race simulation run, and boy i think it turned out to be a good one.

I took 2 days off, with being busy and just not enough hours in one day i just couldn't find time. Through the first 10 miles my legs felt stale and just not up to par. I really don't think taking 2 days off from running helps me one bit unless i have an injury or if i really need the rest. After 10 miles i grabbed my fuel belt with my usually 2 7oz bottles of water and one GU. This week i went with Roctane Vanilla Orange, which was perfect. between miles 10 and 14 i "sipped" or chewed on my GU with some water. I find that if i do that i don't have any problems, if i do try and take the whole thing its just too much.

Like i said i wanted to treat it like a simulation for race day and boy did it turn into that. I ran 6:36avg/pace for the twenty. First 10 like i said weren't comfy, but i got through them. The next 5 i was taking in GU and water and just stayed constant. The last 5 miles and especially 18, 19 and 20 i pushed the pace. I think that will help me later one when i'm coming through 20 miles of the marathon. Today was windy also, and i expect that at MDI, so all in all good pre race/ simulation day.

I am done fundraising. I got through the Thousand and i really want to thank everyone that supported me. It was a lot of fun meeting, recruiting and raising the money.

thanks for reading! Taper now...see how this goes...

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