June 16, 2011

Workout Spotlight: Tempo + Hills Combination

Workout Spotlight: Tempo + Hills Combination

Just a quick post.
Check out this article by FITZ, over at strengthrunning.com. It provides a really cool idea for a good hard workout. I personally love doing tempo runs and hills always provide a good feeling afterward. What's your favorite kind of workout? Have you ever tried to do a tempo than some hills afterwards?

Just completed my first track workout this year, and i have to say it went pretty good. 3x800,400. No goal in mind, but once i got going i was able to successfully make each repeat and set faster than the previous. Very pleased with that. Marathon Training has started now and only 121 days left!

June 12, 2011

May in Review and first race of 2011

Back at it again internet. May was successful at a come back to running. After suffereing with injuries galore through the first 4 months of 2011, things have really started to turn around. I ran about 100 miles in May. The first couple of weeks were very easy and i built up very easy. (8.3, 18.8, 33, 35, 24 through June 5th). Taking plenty of time to mount my comeback i spent nearly the whole month doing all easy runs. I think i successfully have shaken all that bad juice, from where ever it came from.

My First race of 11'
Finally things lined up for me. A non-work related day, beautiful weather and actually feeling healthy i jumped into a local 10k, Peter Ott's. I had done a workout the two days ago and had fairly soar legs, but i felt like i was ready to go..those Pre-race jitters bring back good memories. So I ran for a solid second place in 36:41, only one person battled with me for the first mile and half, than i was able to drop him on a hill and continue on my way. Long ways to go, but progress has been made.

Funnily enough i ran a 10k race at about the same time last year running exactly the same time, 36:41 and even on tired legs. Oh the joys of a running log.

What have you accomplished this past month? Future racing plans?

With 125 days till Mount Desert Island Marathon 2011, training will "begin" tomorrow. I have a number or race including a 10 miler, 6 mile trail race, and maybe a 10k and 5k this summer. Plus i was lucky enough to get into a sold out half Marathon on the Midcoast at the end of the summer.

Let me know what your up to!

May 15, 2011

May 9th -15th: Week in Running

Hello subscribers and readers!

I've had a good week of training. First good week in over a month and it seems like improvement is on the way.

Since being out of school, I've started working full time in the woods and this past week and this coming week are going to be introductory weeks back into running. I've been doing a bit of research and looking around for strengthening ideas and have gotten some really good information from a number of sites and I hope it will be helpful. If your interested in becoming pain/injury free i encourage you to check out www.strenghthrunner.com. "Fitz", as his readers call him, gives away (yes free!) training information on ways you can become a more fit and better runner.

After running only 8 miles last week and getting in very little core, i've bumped it up this week and will continue to bump it up as comfort increase with my return.

My Week in running:

Monday: 2 miles (13:45) breathing was hard, knee is getting there. 15 minutes of core work
Tuesday: OFF! (these Couple of weeks ahead are going to have more off days than normal)
Wednesday: 4 miles (26:25)Found a nice quiet dirt road and just rolled right along. Love being in the country...not worries about all the traffic. 15 minutes of core.
Thursday: 4 miles (26:38) another dirt road to keep it easy on the knees. Things are looking up. feeling a bit better. Not rested though. Work is very tiring.
Friday HIll session. 1.3 mile w/u followed by 1 miles hills ( 200 meters @ moderate pace) 1 mile cool down. 15 mintues core. No intention of doing this, but it felt fairly good! hill=Strength!
Saturday: OFF. To get that little extra rest, and i was busy all day closing up the old apartment.
Sunday: rain, rain, go away!...(next 3 days at least all rain boo! =( ) 5 miles (32:56) Plus some 10 sec hill strides.

So 18.8 miles for the week with 45 minutes of core. Not so bad. Looking to be in the mid twenties next week and move along from there.

After running today I've been lazy and working on my marathon schedule, although not complete, I am looking for some pointers. If you would like to see the complete thing let me know.

March 29, 2011

So yeah, its been awhile...I'll just give you a quick update and let you know where i am at this moment.

After the Marathon I took a little down time and just relaxed. OK...so that was just a week. I know i should have rested more, but i felt good! Not an excuse. I did come back relatively easy for the next two weeks, but i guess that wasn't enough.

I ended up getting injured with a foot thing, that got better, than by January i really started to have problems. From my Achilles, to Osgood Schlauters, i have suffered these past 2 1/2 months. It's been a pain in the butt to swim, but I've finally made it around the curve and i'm starting to recover!

so...now i haven't run over 6 miles at all this year so far and I'm still trying to shake the injuries...so much for a spring marathon.

Goal maybe for a half in July than MDI again...I know I'm crazy!

thanks for following and I'll get you an update soon again!