May 15, 2011

May 9th -15th: Week in Running

Hello subscribers and readers!

I've had a good week of training. First good week in over a month and it seems like improvement is on the way.

Since being out of school, I've started working full time in the woods and this past week and this coming week are going to be introductory weeks back into running. I've been doing a bit of research and looking around for strengthening ideas and have gotten some really good information from a number of sites and I hope it will be helpful. If your interested in becoming pain/injury free i encourage you to check out "Fitz", as his readers call him, gives away (yes free!) training information on ways you can become a more fit and better runner.

After running only 8 miles last week and getting in very little core, i've bumped it up this week and will continue to bump it up as comfort increase with my return.

My Week in running:

Monday: 2 miles (13:45) breathing was hard, knee is getting there. 15 minutes of core work
Tuesday: OFF! (these Couple of weeks ahead are going to have more off days than normal)
Wednesday: 4 miles (26:25)Found a nice quiet dirt road and just rolled right along. Love being in the country...not worries about all the traffic. 15 minutes of core.
Thursday: 4 miles (26:38) another dirt road to keep it easy on the knees. Things are looking up. feeling a bit better. Not rested though. Work is very tiring.
Friday HIll session. 1.3 mile w/u followed by 1 miles hills ( 200 meters @ moderate pace) 1 mile cool down. 15 mintues core. No intention of doing this, but it felt fairly good! hill=Strength!
Saturday: OFF. To get that little extra rest, and i was busy all day closing up the old apartment.
Sunday: rain, rain, go away!...(next 3 days at least all rain boo! =( ) 5 miles (32:56) Plus some 10 sec hill strides.

So 18.8 miles for the week with 45 minutes of core. Not so bad. Looking to be in the mid twenties next week and move along from there.

After running today I've been lazy and working on my marathon schedule, although not complete, I am looking for some pointers. If you would like to see the complete thing let me know.

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