June 12, 2011

May in Review and first race of 2011

Back at it again internet. May was successful at a come back to running. After suffereing with injuries galore through the first 4 months of 2011, things have really started to turn around. I ran about 100 miles in May. The first couple of weeks were very easy and i built up very easy. (8.3, 18.8, 33, 35, 24 through June 5th). Taking plenty of time to mount my comeback i spent nearly the whole month doing all easy runs. I think i successfully have shaken all that bad juice, from where ever it came from.

My First race of 11'
Finally things lined up for me. A non-work related day, beautiful weather and actually feeling healthy i jumped into a local 10k, Peter Ott's. I had done a workout the two days ago and had fairly soar legs, but i felt like i was ready to go..those Pre-race jitters bring back good memories. So I ran for a solid second place in 36:41, only one person battled with me for the first mile and half, than i was able to drop him on a hill and continue on my way. Long ways to go, but progress has been made.

Funnily enough i ran a 10k race at about the same time last year running exactly the same time, 36:41 and even on tired legs. Oh the joys of a running log.

What have you accomplished this past month? Future racing plans?

With 125 days till Mount Desert Island Marathon 2011, training will "begin" tomorrow. I have a number or race including a 10 miler, 6 mile trail race, and maybe a 10k and 5k this summer. Plus i was lucky enough to get into a sold out half Marathon on the Midcoast at the end of the summer.

Let me know what your up to!

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