March 29, 2011

So yeah, its been awhile...I'll just give you a quick update and let you know where i am at this moment.

After the Marathon I took a little down time and just relaxed. that was just a week. I know i should have rested more, but i felt good! Not an excuse. I did come back relatively easy for the next two weeks, but i guess that wasn't enough.

I ended up getting injured with a foot thing, that got better, than by January i really started to have problems. From my Achilles, to Osgood Schlauters, i have suffered these past 2 1/2 months. It's been a pain in the butt to swim, but I've finally made it around the curve and i'm starting to recover! i haven't run over 6 miles at all this year so far and I'm still trying to shake the much for a spring marathon.

Goal maybe for a half in July than MDI again...I know I'm crazy!

thanks for following and I'll get you an update soon again!

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