September 24, 2010

A busy week, but no excuses

Well School is hitting me hard. Trying to keep up with daily homework, Studying for Exams and tests, meetings at night, class at night and running, i have stayed busy. Some nights i haven't even had a chance to get out running until past 8pm!...i don't mind it though. Keeps me busy and away from the couch enjoying a bag of Potato chips.

I didn't mention last week that that i had the most amazing 20 miler. Even though it was my second I crushed it! I ran it in about 2:10. I just felt relaxed through it. I don't know if was where i was running (Bangor City Woods) or if the terrain was just that much flatter, but i was coasting. The first 10 miles i did 2 loops on the trail that circles around most the woods, and i also added on a a nice 2 mile out and back on an old abandoned rail road bed, that was mostly grass. I didn't really grab any water until about 12 miles, and from there i only had about 14oz of water and one GU. A mistake? maybe, but i felt fine through it all. Ill make sure to drink plenty of water though.

This week i'm looking to run about 60 miles, and so far i'm on track. I had a nice little Tempo (6 miles) on the treadmill cause i got out of work just after dark and i wanted to cruise. Stupidly i didn't bring my Ipod. so i ran 12 miserable miles on the treadmill without an IPOD! needless to say i was taxed after that.

As far as raising money. I have reached my goal of $1000! It's been an awesome experience to raise money for a great cause. As a thank you from Friends of Acadia they sent me a Volunteer shirt to wear after/before/during my marathon and i will gladly where it.

So for this weekend. Homework, running, lots of traveling and some more running mixed in there. This is the end of the last hard training week then i have about 2 weeks of down time? is this enough taper? too little? Not sure, im just following a plan. I feel like i'll respond pretty good.

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