August 22, 2010

Get up that Long Winding road! 8-16 through 8-22

what can i say, sometimes i'm just plain stupid, and i just gotta do something for the fun of it. This week another good one in the books despite missing my 16 miler because i thought i would have to rush home for some camping gear, turned out i didn't, but i still made the most of this week running 47.8 miles.

My hamstring has been bothering me a bit and quite tight in the mornings. Running in the morning is hard cause i'm pretty tight, but i think with a little streching out i should be fine.

Tuesday: 10 miles on the "quietside" of the island. I have to say very enjoyable run near seawall with the ocean breeze, very refreshing.
Wednesday: 5.5 miles around witch hole, which was nice very warm out though.
Thursday: what can i say. 7 miles along the water. Couldn't resist! hit up seawall again (pictured above) for a tempo. 10 miles total.
Friday: 5 miles nice and easy saw a porcupine in the middle of the carriage road which gave me a nice surprise. Decided i didn't want any trouble and just turned around.
Saturday: Climbed day Mountain. Well ran it. 9.25 miles total Elevation was 583 feet (180m). May not be much but sure was a nice climb of 1.5 miles. boy....7 miles of all hill ( Mount Washington) sounds like a real challenge. Next goal is to conquer Cadillac, the highest mountain on the island.
Sunday: Up at 6am ( not fond of this by any means) running at 6:30. 8mi total. Doing it again tomorrow

Very happy with this week disappointed in missing my longish run. 16 doesn't even seem long now that i know i can do 20 miles. sad.... Well 20 next week, along with Katahdin on this Tuesday. Should be lots of fun.

By the im 67% of the way there towards my fundraising goal! I owe a huge thanks to Rich Gibson From Washington state. He has been extremly kind to me and really appreciate. I couldn't raise this money with out the support of rich, my family all my friends and acquaintances! Thanks so much! Remember this is my fundraiser page!

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