August 15, 2010

20 miles, that was easy! - 62 days!

This week like i promised to myself was an awesome week and i made the most of it. The weather on most of my runs was so perfect and i couldn't have asked for better. I really tore it up this week totaling 52.8 miles. I started this week of a little soar because i played some soccer with Brittany On Sunday evening because we were lucky enough to have a night off together. So that set me back during the week, but i still got in a great 4 mile hike. I think it defiantly helped the legs out. I'll just do a quick review of the week, then jump into the real meat of it all, my first 20 miler!
Monday: 4 miles nice and easy
Tuesday: off, legs were soar and quite tired from Soccer and the 6 miler on Sunday
Wednesday: 8 miles easy very cool and relaxing run.
Thursday: 2mile warm up 3xmile repeats with 800 rest (5:20, 6:27, 5:26) Met a really nice guy Named Bob who was doing some 400's and 600's that really helped push me through my last repeat.
Friday: 8.8 miles easy
Saturday: 4 miles easy perpetration/shakeout for the long run Sunday.
Sunday: 20 miles!!!!! avg pace: 6:40

My long run was killer. I know i went out fast, and i think my body realized it finally at 10 miles and slowed down. The weather was perfect with it breezy and 72 out. Brittany was kind enough to drop me off and pick me up at the start and finish and even fill my fuel belt for me. Through the first 10 miles i really felt good and just kind of got right through it. The hills were tough, but hey thats what the marathon course is going to be like.

I had a GU at 12 miles and i have to say i'm not sure if it helped me or not. I did take water with it and that was a relief. I also had some Camelbak elixxir with me, but i don't much care for it. I'm going to try Gatorade on my next long run. The elixxir dry's my mouth out wicked fast.

Coming in about 16 miles I had run out of water and I handed off my Fuel belt to Britt and she filled it up and met me down the road and gave it to me. At that point she said i look like pretty tired and that was one of the first times she ever saw me like that.

Overall the week was great, the long run i conquered and made it through, and now i'm only 62 days out till the race. Fundraising is going well now being at 57%. Getting closer and closer!

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