January 1, 2014

My 2013 Running in Review


2013 makes six and half years of running for me. I can remember when i first started out. I was that normal high school kid. Shorts over the tights, cotton t-shirts for nearly every single run, and shorts nearly year round (ok maybe not so...). As 2013 comes to a close, a new chapter beings. Moving to Michigan in October has rejuvenated my running  as I suffered over the summer months. 

I started the year practically limping my way through miles. I managed to start streaking on January 1st, but it was pitiful.  My inspiration came when Gary Allen started his Maine 2 DC trek (Now preparing for ME2SuperBowl, talk about inspiration!). I was able to start accumulating miles, and get out and have fun running again. I'm sure that pleased everyone that was around me. 

Finally I was able to whip myself into shape  for the Boston Marathon in April. Although the events took place overshadowed many triumphs that occurred, it's still one my fondest memories of 2013. Running it in 2012 with the 80 plus degree heat made me hungry for something better. I knew I was capable of it, and sure enough I came out with my personal best of 2:52. 

Coming off the high of Boston, and pent up hatred of what happened, I lost focus of long-term, and kind of let loose. I'll be honest it was stupid and probably is key to what ruined the rest of my summer. Three marathons over a 77 day period (does this qualify for something?? Oh..right stupidity). 

I didn't recovery well  as less than a month later I was running the US Mountain Running Championships. That blew my legs off, and my running continued to falter. It wasn't so much injuries as just never fully recovering mentally and physically from these races. 

I ran 15 races in 2013, which accumulated to 180 miles in 20 hours and 20 minutes. 

My graph

Nothing too spectacular, except noting March was by far my most running miles in one month.
My graph

I'm slowly starting to dig myself out of the hole and get into decent shape. Fun note of the day, my RHR (resting heart rate) was  47 bpm this afternoon. Which suggests my body is slowly coming around.

Total Miles: 2,165.8mi in 272 hours, 44 minutes, 49seconds or about 11.3 days of running.
5.9 miles/day average
Lifetime Miles: 10,878.5

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