January 21, 2014

1.13.14 to 1.19.14

Another week passes by in the blink of an eye, well I guess I wish it would have. Although I'm still taking a class online, and i'm not working that much, when i do work it's pretty strenuous work. Wednesday and Thursday I spent walking through the woods, not  all leisurely and skipping around. I'm talking about walking for 6 hours with a gallon of paint in a backpack on snowshoes in 2 feet of snow. It was work. Solid work. = Sunday (and Monday of this new week) I spent 7 hours each day removing snow from a roof. Talk about consistent strength work.

Anyways to stop my bitching and moaning, my point is this. Should I count those walking miles as a workout and log it just as I do with any run? These walks are no walk in the park, no pun intended. After 6 hours and only getting roughly 3 miles in, I'm pretty wrecked.  No worries though my running streak lives on.

Monday: 5 miles easy. Enjoying the warmer temps (mid 20's) finally. Core work post run.

Tuesday: 10.1 miles moderate. Snowy and icy roads (pretty much all roads I run on) made it rough to get good traction. Got a few good splits in. 67 mins total.

Wednesday: Knew i was in for a long day, so i got the workout in first thing. 2x3x2:30 downcycles, which consist of getting faster every 30 seconds. Did this on the treadmill so i had more control over pacing and footing was much better. Excellent tempo work. 10 miles. PM consisted of 3 miles of walking (which is accurate, since we knew the lot we were on was a 1/4 long). 13 for the day

Thursday: 7.2 easy. tired legs, which means the workout and walk yesterday did there thing. At least i know I worked hard. Short core session before heading into work PM 2 miles of walking again on snowshoes with paint. May have been more, but I'll under guessitimate.  9.2 for the day

Friday: 7 miles easy. A down day finally. Long core session afterwards

Saturday: Instead of being stupid and trying to race when I know i'm not quite ready I set out on snowy roads, with snow coming down, for 15.2 miles. Spent about 1/2 mile on snowmobile trail, than got some faster splits in ( Miles 10-12 in 6:25, :25, :29). Felt comfortable hard, close to MP maybe?

Sunday: Holy crap. Arms nearly fell off. Raking two feet of snow for 7hrs is my yearly arm routine. Managed a mile easy walk with the pup.

Running miles: 54.6
Walking miles: 6
Core: 3 times
Streaking days: 39
Marathon day: 80 days to go.

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