January 12, 2014

1.6.14 to 1.12.14

A good start. That's what I think about the first 12 days of the new year. My running has been consistent thus far, and I've gotten at least 2 core session in a week. I'll probably keep saying this, but consistency will be key to move forward this year. I'm hoping I can turn this marathon cycle into a building block for the fall and into next year.

The weather, much like the rest of the country has been pretty wild. We started this past week far below zero, with one hell of a windchill. By the end of the work week we'd finally reach the 20's and this past weekend we got rain and in the 30's. It's was so good for the snowmobile trails, nor the roads. I tired to get out yesterday, but sliding down our driveway I knew it wasn't going to be smart. Today (Sunday) turned out beautiful, but most side roads were still covered in solid ice. I opted for the treadmill. 

Monday: 6 easy miles. Calves pretty soar from the weekend. Took it easy.
Tuesday:  Calves better. Soughout the treadmill to get a workout in as the roads are constantly covered in snow/ice. First 5 easy, 8x1min @10.1 mph. 2 minute rest @ 8.7mph. 9 total.

Wednesday: 9 easy. went without the dog and I felt like i was dragging the whole time. Probably a sign i should run more without him. Felt shitty the whole run, felt like i was coming down with something. When i got back I took a high dose of echinacea tea, vitamin C (like 1000mg), and lots of water.  

Thursday: 3 miles of walking through 2 feet of snow at work. HR was pretty high. I called it day. Feeling better  for sure, but something still lingering. 

Friday: Started work later which gave me time to get my workout out of the way. Too advantage of slightly warmer temps (high single digits, it felt GREAT!) and got a solid fartlek in. I said solid because it was a true speed play run. When i felt recovered from my last bought I went hard again. Ten different boughts of speed varying from just 30 seconds to nearly 4 minutes. Good stuff. In the PM I got 2 miles of walking again through the snow. (10.6 for the day)

Saturday: Sometimes your just feeling lazy, plus sheer ice across the driveway and roads kept me confined to snow in the woods. Should have gone for snowshoe run, but it didn't happen. 1.2 miles for the day.
I have to add it was worth staying up till 11 to see the Patriots pound the Colts. What a running game. 

Sunday: Even though it was a warm day out, the roads were still in very iffy conditions (they can't plow roads for shit here, or maybe they choose not to waste the money as they have none). Anyways, 15 miles on the treadmill (fun!(sarcastically)). After the first 6 miles I tired to throw a few  strides in to get prepped from my marathon pace work. I quickly found out the treadmill I was on didn't go any faster than 9.0 MPH. "WTF? WTF?" So there i was cranking out 6:40's for the last 8 miles. After 98 minutes the bloody treadmill decided to crap out on me. Apparently it can't count any higher....PM 3 miles easy with the pup. Road was slushy. Once it freeze up, and it will, its going to be a mess and probably pretty dangerous. (18 miles for the day)


Miles 56.8 miles.
2 core/stability sessions.
89 days till M-I Marathon
30 days of streaking so far.

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