January 7, 2014

New Year, hopefully not the old me


Everyone comes into the New Year with lofty goals. Loose X amount of pounds, or read this many books, go to this place or run x amount of miles. Don't get me wrong, goals and aspirations are motivating and it helps people to continue to excel or start a new page in their lives, but will I?

Ok, so 2013 running wise wasn't what I wanted it to be. I really laid down some concrete goals for 2013. I just couldn't make them happen. It was as if something was holding me back I just haven't reached that point yet.

  1. Run 2500 miles...Didn't happen. I just lost my motivation and drive over the summer, especially after US Mountain Running Championships. 
  2. Run sub 2:50 marathon....This continues to haunt me. Boston was close, but no cigar, and much to do with summer and fall happenings, a fall marathon just wasn't in the books. 

2014 - The year of  running improvement?

So what does the New Year hold for me?

Not so much so far.Just lots of expenses, headaches, and still not a steady job. A new car battery, new tires, and now backing my jeep into a tree (stupid move). Good news, I've finished all my Forestry classes, now for Physics and Chemistry. I question my sanity and what i'm about to put myself through..

On the running front I'm going to lay it down. I've got numerous things I'd like to accomplish. 2014 will be focused on 3 major things all incorporating, what i think is the foundation to running, Consistency. 

 Run More

I started 2013 with the 100 day streak with Crow Athletics. Here I go again. Day 7 and already 55 miles in. It's a start. This year I'd like to average 50 miles a week. That would put me over 2500 miles, which would be a leap from past years, but certainly possible. Consistency. 

Improve by Stability and Core

This should be a given. I know I perform better when I've spent weeks working on core and stability and not neglecting it. It just so happens that winter is the perfect time to focus on it more because we spend more time indoors, but it should never be neglected, as it holds us upright. Plain and simple. 3x a week. Consistency

Goal Race Times

Yes, I have a few scores to settle with a few race distances.  It's been some time since I've run a true 5k, or for that instance a race in general ( I did race this past weekend, I'll tell y'all about it soon).  I'm going to settle into Marathon Training much like many people do this winter. Come spring through summer I'd like to focus on some shorter distance races and not get caught up in tackling 50k's at this point. Come Fall, possibly another Marathon, but getting after my half personal best seems enticing. so here we go.
  • 5k: 16:44 Yes, because my pb is 16:46.
  • 10k: 34:5x I'd really like to get under 35, with some work I know it's possible as I've run 35:23
  • 1/2 Marathon: 1:16:xx
  • Marathon: 2:49:xx - This really should be all that hard as past half marathon times have indicated I've got it. I just need to saddle up, get on the bandwagon of 6:29(ish) pace and DO IT, no more monkeying around. April 12. 94 days. 
Consistency I believe will be key throughout the year, as it always is. Here's to a new year! Make 2014 YOUR year!

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