February 17, 2014

Alpenfrost Frosty 5k

February 8th,

February started off with a bang. 

The local town holds a Alpenfrost festival which celebrates winter, and gets people out of hibernation (at least for the night). Part of the festivities include the Frosty 5k, which indeed was very frosty!

Light winds, and air temps hovering at zero degrees made it for a very chilly morning. Snow covered roads, sunny conditions contributed to what I thought would be a slow time.

The start, good crowd for a chilly morning.

I went in with low expectations, as my heel has been bothering me, and I really didn't know what kind of shape I'm in. Figured I would got out hard and see how the road conditions dictate my pace.

Mainly it was a solo time trial from the beginning. Someone went with me for about 25 yards than quickly decided it wasn't a good idea. It was just me, the pitter patter of my icespiked shoes, and the revving of the police car in front of me. I was able to use the car to pull myself through the out portion. It felt easy. 

The back portion was a tad uphill, still snowy roads, and slightly breezy. Not a hard finish, but certainly made my legs remember that they haven't had much speed lately.

3.05 mi
Splits: 5:39, 5:40, 5:43, :11

Spent the evening at the Beer and Wine Festival. Delicious. This may be cutting into my training. So many craft breweries in Michigan, I have my hands full!

The massive ice ball below was made by a local I work with, and I helped gather ice and build. Took 2 chainsaws, 5 people and like 14 man hours to put this 7' tall ice ball together. Fun time. 

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