July 11, 2010

Week In review

This past week was one of the hotter one's of the summer so far. Defiantly feeling it in the legs as i take my first rest day of the week. I've worked up to now 6 days a week, and will probably do 6 days a week for another, then switch to 7 for a couple of weeks before easing back into 5-6 again. Not interested in pushing it to hard or anything like that, I just want everything to go smoothly.

Mon: 7 miles around eagle lake. Quite the Hot one so i didn't run till later since i had the evening off from the Restaurant.
Tues: Attempted a workout. I bike 1.75 mi to the MDI high School, warmed up and got lost on a 2 mile out and back, did 2x800 (2:48, 2:41). I had planned on 4x800 at least, but the heat was insane. Biked back to the campground.
Wed: 2 loops around Jordan Pond nature trail. Took a nice head first dive into the root system off the board walk, and scratched my knee, but it got better and i got up and ran again.
Thurs: Ran Seven Bridge (which is really only 6 bridges), no idea why they call it that. (ill let you know later on)
Fri: 5 miles wicked easy on the park loop road. hot out there, but i felt surprisingly good. I think it was just the idea of being on pavement again. Thinking this would be a great spot for my long runs of 14-18 miles.
Sat: 12 miles. Loop around Eagle lake then ran Witch Hole loop and added some at the end. Felt alright through the first 6 miles, then it got a little harder and i was really feeling it in the legs. First off i need someone to run with and second i need to slow my long runs down. Finally hydration is a problem I need to find something that works better than the belt we bought 2 weeks ago. Since there is no water on the courses usually, i need to bring something with me.

Spark note version! 40 mile week, good stuff. Looking to slow down the long run and go longer next week and looking for people to run with on Saturday or Sunday for a long run.

30% of the way there! Thanks everyone!

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