July 7, 2010

Friends of Acadia My Beyond the Finish Line Chairty

So, you may ask what is Friends of Acadia (FOA) and why am i running for them as my Charity. There were 5 or 6 other choices, but i felt they were the most important to me. I'm not saying some of them weren't worth anything or something like that, but being stewards to the outdoors, FOA make it possible for future generation to enjoy the beautiful National Park that is in out back yard here in Maine.

FOA is an organization that is an independent nonprofit that help improve the excellence of Acadia National Park and island through protection beyond what the government can do. You can find out more about them at wwww.friendsofAcadia.org.

By the way, yes i have worked with them before. It was actually just this past May worked with them. I took a "may term" through the University of Maine, that partnered with FOA to help improve the carriage roads on MDI. I took part in a Vista restoration project on one of the loops.

Thanks for reading! Currently as i post this I'm up to 20% of the way there, only $800 to reach my goal! Please continue to help me out, take a look at my donation page here http://www.active.com/donate/friendsofacadia/EMauricette Keep on checking back on my blog for further updates on training and just tidbits along the way!

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