July 8, 2010

Keep on a trucking

So with the heat the whole east coast has been getting, Bar Harbor has been surprisingly cool. Sure it got up to 85 for a couple of days, but today was beautiful with partly cloudy skies and in the mid 70's.

With working two jobs, i'm struggling to answer my own question here. Should i place my long run on Sunday like i have always done, or place it on when i have a day off from the Campground, like tomorrow morning?s It's not that i don't mind running longer mid-week, it just kind of interrupt my normal routine. On the other hand, this week is special, well the weekend. The 3rd place game of the world cup game in on Saturday, followed by the Final game on Sunday. Both games take place in the middle of the day here on the east coast, and i need to work both Jobs over the weekend. Oh the dilemma.

So my current training has been pretty lax, up until this week. I have been averaging about 35 miles a week for all of June, with my pace on most of my runs about at 6:30 (+-). Look at a number of sites i get different ideas and just try to plan accordingly. I don't think I'm going to follow one single running plan thats out there, but combine many of them, and listen to what my body can handle. By no means does that mean i won't push myself to new heights. Cause i believe that is one goal of mine for this Marathon, and any in the future.

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