July 19, 2010

Week 2-- 89 days left of training

so this week has been a bit off and i hope this doesn't really happen again. I did the 12 miles last week in my new Asic Ds Trainer 15's, but without the regular in-soles i use. Which i think messed me all up. It set up for a bad week, but everything worked out ok

Monday: 7 miles easy in somesville. Really nice, quite hot at the end. My right leg was starting to bother me.
Tuesday: woke up to the leg hurting, worked my way through it going around Long Pond In seal Harbor for 4.5 miles. Leg was throbbing at the end
Wednesday: running day off, went out and did 13 mile bike ride down to NEH from the campground.
Thursday: completely off, hit up the beach for a nice relaxing day. Quite the rip tide at Sand Beach
Friday: 6 miles easy, feeling better after new in-soles, but still not 100%
Saturday: 2x mile repeat with 800 rest. much better. Hot day though
Sunday: Distance PR! 14 miles. East Side of Eagle lake followed by Bubble pond to Jordan than west side of Eagle. I did have to walk a few times. Those hills are scary!

all in all a good week. Need to keep going at it and stay consistent.

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