November 13, 2013

Running Log 11/4-11/10

Monday: 5 miles easy out on the lakes loop.

Tuesday: fartlek time! 4x4min min. Just wanted something to wake the legs up. Feeling like things are coming together slowly.

Wednesday: Calves continue to be tight. 6.3 easy

Thursday: 8.5 in the snow. roads clear. calves still tight, will it go away?

Friday:  6.5 miles easy, starting to sense a pattern? oh the calves are still soar.

Saturday: 4.2 in the pouring rain after work. I should have just worked earlier.

Sunday: Off. Calves were soar all week so I decided to drop the November streak and take a day down.

I had wanted to streak all November but that came to an abrupt end when the calves were soar all week. Skipped the long run in hopes this coming week would be better.

38.4 Miles Total. 1 core session.

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