November 5, 2013

Running log: 10/21 to 11/3

Well I'm slowly coming around and getting back out. I just have to have patience. I know i can't just get back out there and attack the hard workouts and long runs.

Mon: 5 miles easy. soar all over. Cold out, been in tights now for over a week. 28 degrees this morning.
Tues: 9 miles! Finally getting over the hump? A good snow cover this morning, about 1".Supposed to disappear fairly fast though.
Wed: 5 in the morning. PM: First decent looking workout in way to long. A little fartlek descending from 5 minutes to 1 minute. Not in any order but each  descending section faster than the previous. 10+ miles for the day.
Thur: another easy 5. running new routes nearly everyday right from the house.
Fri: Cold morning, icy roads. Just took it easy 5 miles.
Saturday: OFF.
Sunday: OFF

Total: 36.1 miles, two core sessions. One good workout. Honestly I'll take it. I just want to stay consistent over the next couple of weeks so i can start hitting up some races.

Mon: OFF. Well so much for consistency. Work from dawn to dusk just gets ya.
Tue: OFF
Wed: Off.....mhm, you see where this is going?
Thurs: 4.2 in the woods. Being in Gaylord, it's nearly the heart of XC skiing. Lots of trails (mostly flat) that are well maintained. I'm a bit worried about running into hunters though as I've been told whitetail season is a religion here even more than in Maine.
Fri: explored more trail but it quickly turned into a swamp fest. 2.5 in the AM. 4 in the PM with britt nice and slow.
Sat: about 2.5 miles from my house there's a nice bowl with a steep climb on both sides with about 100+ ft of elevation gain. Good place for workout. 8.2 miles today.
Sun: 10 miles! first double digit run, I'm not even going to count. Out and back through five-lakes. Didn't know the area, I could have easily just made it into a loop. Next time.

Total: 29.2 miles. Finally a long run. I think this may be a turning point. November = streak. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. you heard it. Now see it happen.
A walk in the woods with the pup outside our house in Michigan. 

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