November 29, 2013

Running Log: 11/18 to 11/24

Well I think Old man winter is right around the corner. This past week started off with howling winds, and by the end we had 3"+ of snow. So far this week (thanksgiving week) it's been non-stop snow and it's only gotten colder. This morning (11/29) in Gaylord it was -3 when i woke up, luckily where where we are down South its only(!!) 22. 

Monday: AM; easy 4 miles with the pup. Winds just a howling. PM: explored Avalanche Preserve. Fun single track. 7.1miles. 
Tuesday: 9.1 miles. Didn't eat much before and by the middle miles I was feeling wobbly. Finished off with some strides post run.

Wednesday: 4 miles warm up/cool down. 4 miles of 4 minute cycles. Every 30 seconds I would get faster starting off around Tempo +5" pace for 2:30 minutes. Well I started off too fast and it didn't go as planned but that's ok. 2.64 miles at 5:36 pace.

Thursday:  6 miles rather slow. Just wanted a nice easy run. Cold out for sure.

Friday: A nice 9 mile progression run with strides thrown in at the end. Messed something up in my foot at work but it didn't hurt too much to run on it.

Saturday:  Snowed overnight got about 3+ inches. Made the roads slick, but the trails were fun. Just one of those days i didn't really want to get out, but i forced myself out the door convincing myself it would get better, and it did because by the time I reached 5 miles I wanted to do some more. The pup didn't argue either. 9 total.

Sunday: Played around with the Pup and Brittany on the sled. It was a fun time. 3 total. 
Total:  57 miles.

Didn't get the long run I wanted. I need to step up on those. Another good mileage week though and it looks like I'll hit 200+ for this month which would be the most in way too many months. Bring on the snow!

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