April 3, 2013

Training: 3/25 through 3/31 2013

A solid final week to training. Some would say the Hay's in the barn. From past years I've taken these next two weeks very easy with less than ideal running involved. I will complete the 100 day challenge in 10 days so that should keep me going up until next week. Feeling ready and already nervous. So far weather is looking promising. More on that in the middle of next week probably.

Monday: 7mi easy. Some soreness from the back-to-back long run's last weekend. Pleased how i feel at this point.
Tuesday: 9 miles easy w/ strides over the last 2 miles.
Wednesday: 8 miles easy and 2.4 miles walking. Had a workout planned today but the phone died at school, no communication with the mechanic where the car was left me stranded. Thank-goodness from friends who work downtown.
Thursday: 2mi easy, 2x3.5 tempo, 6x30sec strides, 2.5 easy. Excellent workout. Very pleased with my fitness at this point and pleasantly surprised that I could handle this. Felt great on the warm up. The goal was to hit 6:05's for the tempo portion. First 3.5 in 20:59 (6:00 min avg), .75 recovery, second 3.5 in 20:23 (5:50 min avg). This was a big workout for me. Originally i had it as a full 7 mile tempo but I wanted to break it up and get a little more speed in. The strides afterwards were also for speed which I need (or at least I think so).
Friday: 5 hours in a woodlot working with a friend. getting lost only once. walking nearly 5 miles did me in for the day. Considering i planned on racing tomorrow I didn't need much more.
Saturday: 3.7 easy warm up. 3.03 (by the Garmin) (5K) in 16:33~!! 3.3 easy warm down. Felt great during the warm up and just let things fall together as I ran the course. Let me tell you first off this was very flat with some downhill after 1.5 that helped push me just a tad faster that i thought i could run. Split: 5:31, 5:28, 5:25, 0:07 (.03). 1st place win. I think it equates to just below sub 17 5k. Which i can be extremely happy with as i haven't hit that mark since 2009. Results, Running Log.
Sunday:  14 miles medium-long run. Legs again feeling great. First 7 miles with the dog. After dropping him off I kept the pace consistently under 6:50. Over the last three miles i threw in strides for 45-60 seconds.

Like i said excellent weekend. Taper or sharpening time! Whatever floats your boat.

Total: 68.8 miles with 2 core sessions.
Days in the Streak: 90 days ( surpassed my old days personal record, but 100 miles less than last year)
Days till Boston: 15 days

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