April 28, 2013

Back on my feet: Training for April 16 through 28th

After Boston I took my planned four days off. Nothing except homework during that time period. Fun.  Pleased with how I felt after a PR, legs were stiff up until Wednesday this past week and things starting to come around really nicely. Signed up for Fredericton Marathon on May 2th with Ty and looks like i'll run Bay of Fundy Marathon on June 23rd also if everything works out. If i complete these races in the next couple of months that would get me Marathon Maniac status at the minimum level of 3 marathons in a 90 day period. Didn't think I would do anything like that at this point in my life. Looks like there's lots in store for this summer. Adventure races, relay races, some planned long trail runs with friends. Can't wait!

Sat-4/20: 4 easy in the forest. quads and hamstrings soar and tired. ran with the dog.
Sun-4/21: 5 easy. Quads still soar but i'm starting to feel like i know how to run again. such an odd feeling.
Mon-4/22: 5 easy. still the quads.
Tue: 8 moderate. explored some new trail at the Bangor City Forest. Found this great website that lists all of the trails in this area. At some point I want to get a super long run in on some of them. I'd think getting a group together for something like this would be sweet as well.
Wed: 6.3 easy met up with Erik M. He wants to steal me fro the Maineiacs team.  I'm excited for Cabbot
Thurs: 8 moderate. explored some trail off of the River trail here in Orono.
Fri: AM-8.3  Again at the Bangor City forest. Explored more trails. I think i can run from my house. spend 1.5miles on road and run all the way to Bangor on trails. Gotta do that someday as well. PM-5.5 miles. Two loops of Beech Hill. I miss running hills like this.

Sat: PM: 2.3 easy with a bunch of Crow's at 3Crow Resteraunt and Bar. Fun time. Wasn't expecting 20+ people to show up! Peter walked in 20 minutes later after i had finished a beer and said he had covered most of the Camden Hills and he wanted to get Ragged Mountain in. I was all for it but just had ordered another beer. Needless to say the first 2 miles up Ragged were a bit bumpy, but my head cleared on the way down thankfully. PM: 4.6 miles

Sun: 5 miles easy. legs soar. explored some more trails quickly in Owls Head.

Total: 53 miles this week.
155.5 miles for April
822.7 miles year to date

Quite the week for sure. Kept things interesting by exploring lots of trails and new places. Gotta keep things lively and moving about. Lots of great things happening this summer, so hard to decide. Take care till next time!

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