May 31, 2013

Back after a short hiatus...

If it will please the people, than so be it.

A friend sent me a text message recently asking where the heck did the blog go? Why did I delete it? Honestly I didn't have a response that meant anything. I was going to write back " just didn't feel like blogging any more" or something like "got bored of it". But as I pulled into the driveway and started planting everything (yes the garden is 85% in!) I gave the blog some more thought.

This blog has allowed me to include some pretty cool stories of races over the last couple of years. I have family and friends who occasionally read and comment (I'd like to see more of both! yeah you reading this, spread the word, or is it the link?!). Although I log just about everything over on my running log sometimes it's great to have another outlet to turn to. Somewhere other thoughts that aren't related to the race or event can be put on the interwebz. 

I hope people enjoy my scarce ramblings and I'll continue to plug away. 

In the meantime look forward to posts about the Cabot Trail Relay, summer plans, and other misguided adventures along the way coming soon!

talk with you all soon! 

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