April 2, 2014

Shamrockers run for Gold 5k

T-Minus 10 days ( Wednesday April 2nd)!

Last year I ran a 5k about 2 weeks out from Boston, it was a good tune-up. In all honesty it's nice to run something faster than marathon pace or half marathon pace. It feels good to have both the lungs and legs burn.

 After looking around for something local, Shamrockers run for the Gold it was! Just a small town race with only 30 people.

For the second time this march I was so scatter brained before leaving. First it was my racing shoes at MudDogs, this time it was a watch. I felt lost, but I was also reminded of the importance of running by feel.

Warm up consisted of running the course to check it out. A short climb at .75 to 1 mile than 1.5 to 1.75, some icy patches from melting, but mostly clear pavement!

Kyle Kiel 16:56
Eric Mauricette 17:02
Gabe Hawley 18:47
Jon Baughan 19:38
Douglas Brown 20:18
Tom Harbaugh 20:55
(F) Holley Carson 21:11
Keven Carnson 21:17

Had I known I was so close to breaking 17 I would have pushed a little harder. I haven't run sub 17 since trying out for the UMaine Cross Country team in 2009, where I ran 16:46. I was a little heartbroken when I found out, but I'm pleased with where i'm at. 

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