April 7, 2014

Comparing Marathon results

With 7 marathons under my belt, comparing results is rather hard to do, but I wanted to take the time to compare my best marathon, Boston 2013 to other results. Looking mainly here at first and second half results. From my first MDI in 2010 I've slowly progressed never taking more than a few minutes off my personal best. I could question training, or weather, but I think it comes down to how I run the first and second half of the whole Marathon.

First off, I'll throw out Boston 2012 as temps reached into the 80's, and training all winter long in New England didn't even come close to allowing me to run faster, although some of my friends were still able to run stellar times.

I can honestly say I've toed to the starting line prepared for each marathon, getting in long runs, marathon pace work, and running more mileage each time around. Ignoring the aftermath of Boston 2013, weather was perfect.

What's optimal for one person is certainly not the same for the next. For instance going out too fast, or putting time in the bank as some would say, can cost you. Running a marathon, is like walking a tight line, one misstep right or left and you immediately fall off. In the marathon as you approach half way and beyond, adjusting for mishaps in the first half can be nearly impossible.

DateMarathonFinish TimeFirst 1/2Second 1/2DifferenceNotes
6/2013Bay of Fundy2:56:27No watch, no splits
5/2013Fredericton2:54:261:26:411:26:55+:14Ran with friends
4/12Boston3:29:001:30:581:54:55+23:57Into the boiling pot

What does my 2014 Martian Invasion hold on April 12th?

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