December 23, 2013


Last week
44 running miles, 4.9 nordic classic, and 5ish biking

Fairly decent week. A solid tempo (4 miles at 6:00min/mile) and finally a double digit long run of 14 with 5 miles at gmp.

Today I could only get in a couple of easy miles (2.9) before I was called into work. Tomorrow, I can be excited about! I can either sleep in till 4!, or I can get up at 3 (like i have been for the last week, for work) and run a few easy miles before I bang out a workout sometime tomorrow. Oh, life's decisions.

We got another 6" of snow since yesterday. Now were at 2.5' of the fluffy white stuff. Perfect for snowshoe running. Gotta get on the snowmobile trails at some point here.  It's also been bitter cold. This morning was 4 degrees, the run was 8, and it warmed up to 12!


2.9 miles in 20:49.

Last mile moderate effort in order to get back in time.

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