December 22, 2013

21st...what was I thinking?

Started my day off with a snowshoe run,  and a road run. There's about 18" of snow outside my door at this point and it's all fluff. The trail that I had packed about a week ago was buried, so off I went making three loops of the .4 trail just out my door. The first loop was tough, second better, third faster..still first mile in 9min+..HR avg 137!....did a little out and back on the trails next door to the house, than jumped on the road.

Roads were a mess, a couple of inches buried the thick layer of ice underneath..Made for a slippery time. Not a single car though! Love early morning like this. Even though it's been 24hrs plus, trees are still covered in snow.

snowshoe - 2.3 miles in 21:47
easy run - 3.15 miles in 24:32

We than drove down midday about an hour south to Cross Country Ski Headquarters to get in some Nordic. After a quick lesson in falling down from the instructor we were off. Honestly, it's a great workout and I hope to take advantage of it more. It's too bad the equipment is so darn expensive. Got some great climbs in, and just kept things relaxed by flowing.

4.9 miles in 66 minutes

A short nap in the afternoon (I'm talking like 20 minutes, and 15 of those was playing with the pup and his squeaky ball) I was out the door again! Legs a bit stiff and surprised i was still going. A shakeout of sorts for the long run planned today (Sunday).

2. 3 miles.

A good day in the books, sorta made up for the lack of running from Friday (1 mile running to and from the UPS truck in the afternoon.)

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