July 6, 2013

Looking back at June: A review and report

Well there goes June, oh and it's already six days into July. Time flies!

The Training:

  • I got three decent long runs in during June (12, 16, and 17.5 (which was up Cadillac numerous times)).
  • Another Sub 3 hour Marathon at Bay Of Fundy International Marathon
  • 290 Miles for the month of June

Bay of Fundy Race Report:

For anyone that read my Running log entry for the Inaugural event realize I spoke very highly of this event mere hours after finishing. I continue to reflect upon my 7th marathon, and 6th Sub 3 hour and it nearly brings me to my feet to get outside, this oppressive heat tells the body otherwise. 

As I said, this was the inaugural running of The Bay of Fundy International Marathon and from what I've heard, saw and experience it was very successfully run. Starting at the West Quoddy Light in Lubec, the race meandered through flat, steep up and downs and beautiful stretches to Campobello Island, Nova Scotia, Canada and East Quoddy Light. The course was really beautiful, but a very tough one. 
Off we go! You see the top 4. Robert (over my right) 3rd and the guys in blue and green were 1st and second.

East Quoddy Light on Campobello Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. This was the turn around point after going out on the Island. Can you believe you had to pay extra to walk out to the light!? Rip off!

West Quoddy Light, Lubec, Maine. The easternmost point in the United States.  The marathon Started at the top of the hill where this picture was taken. 
Proud to say I didn't wear a watch for this marathon. Not that I chose to. My Garmin just wouldn't turn on. In a way it was pretty refreshing and it showed me how decent i was at pacing. I started off the start line in 6 or so. I was running with a couple of guys who wanted to run sub 3 but upon asking them if they had done any scouting of the course they said only to Lubec. I told them immediately they were in for one tough mother, and these few easy miles that we had covered were just a warm up. Some took that comment seriously others trudged on with me. We went through 3 miles in something like 20 minutes. After that I had no idea on time until I managed to cross the finish line 4 minutes slower than my personal best in 4th pace for 2:56:27. I'll take it. 

So what...

These past couple of months have been poor mileage for sure. In March I covered just over 300 miles and since then it's been 173, 176, and 190 for June. Two things come to mind about this. One is I'm racing too often and too long, and two if i want to take the next logical step I need to step up the miles and back off with this Marathon streak going on. Coming into July with a couple of big events i can feel my body not fully recovered yet from Bay of Fundy, and probably Cabot Trail, but I'll keep pushing on. 

Big things coming for July. A little relay around an Island, a possible mountain race, and the Final Running of the Great Cranberry Island Ultra Marathon. 

Consistency will be on my mind throughout July. I'm not setting any weekly or monthly goal of mileage, but I do want to take less off days than my 9 days in June. So far 2 days in july, gotta get back out there!

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